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Why Airtek?

I bought this AC machine after very long research and study even I am not a mechanic for my son, he is starting his own auto repair shop. It is a piece of cake. Once he got the new freon tank everything is automatic. Really you get what you paid for, cost high but hassle free service for your clients and yourself. I'd recommend this machine with its economic price compared to others and to its high professional features.Really it was a dream for me my self to buy it to my son even I am not a mechanic. My advice to the vendor to make long detailed updated demo video starting from unboxing to every single feature to help you spread the product features. Good luck.

Verified Purchase.

From the packaging to the machine very nicely done.
Definently impressed by the overall quality of the machine, even down to the wheels this thing rolls around effortlessly.
More importantly it works great and quick!!
Simple and efficent.
I did end up needing help with one thing and called the company's 800 number, they answered immediately "an actual person" answered my questions and we figured out what I was doing wrong within a couple minutes.

Verified Purchase

I was Hesitant buying an "other brand" than the Robinair i'm use to using. This machine far exceeds my expectations. I own a shop and needed a newer machine able to handle dual refrigerant gas duty. I have used this machine a few times already (just got it a few days ago). It is fast and easy to use!!! Highly Recommended.

Verified Purchase


Provides affordable, reliable and cutting-edge tools to automotive industry

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the shipping charge for your AC machines calculated?

Our shipping policy offers free shipping for orders above $500 within the continental United States. Additional offshore or international charges apply for HI, AK, PR and Canada.

Where can I find information about discounts or promotions on your products? How can I obtain a discount?

You can click on "GET DISCOUNT" on our website's homepage to access our promotions page and view the current discounts. After that, you can contact us to receive a discount code for placing your order.

Certainly, you can also contact us directly via phone, email, or online chat to inquire about discounts.

Can I purchase your machine through financing?

You can purchase our machines through financing, for example, using Shop Pay or collaborating with third-party financial institutions partnered with us. We recommend contacting our finance department or sales team directly for detailed information about financing options, terms, and procedures.

What are the differences between your three dual-gas AC machines, AC-Dual, AC-Dual 20 and AC-Dual PRO?

In addition to having all the features of AC-Dual, AC-Dual 20 includes a printer, vacuum leak test functionality, an installed pressure sensor to enhance refrigerant recovery efficiency, the option for a touchscreen, and a bottle scale that enables automatic oil injection.

AC-Dual PRO not only includes all the features of AC-Dual 20 but also features a built-in 1234yf identifier. This identifier allows refrigerant identification during recovery and charging, helping to prevent cross-contamination of refrigerants. AC-Dual PRO is installed with 2 filters separately for 134a and 1234yf to completely prevent cross contamination. AC-Dual PRO also includes two set of service hoses with quickly switching connecting 134a and 1234yf vehicles.

Do you have extended warranty for your AC machines?

You can purchase our 1-year or 2-year extended warranty either together with the machine on our website or separately at a later time.