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Variable Displacement Compressor Tester


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Model: ECV-600

For A/C with variable displacement compressor, when the
compressor work status is found abnormal, it is necessary to
accurately diagnose whether the fault is the compressor itself,
the ECV solenoid or the electronic control system. ECV600 can
test the control PWM signal issued by the electronic control
system, and can also bypass the electronic control system to
directly drive the compressor ECV valve, as well as it can test the
resistance of the ECV solenoid. Eventually the ECV600 can
accurately determine the fault is the electronic control system,
the compressor or the ECV solenoid.

This ECV600 can largely reduce repair time and cost, eliminate
misdiagnosis, and avoid the costly repeated repairing. The tester
also has electric protection when battery cable is reversely
connected by mistake.

Variable Displacement Compressor Tester - airtekproducts

Variable Displacement Compressor Tester

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