AIRTEK New Fully Automatic 1234YF Plus Recovery & Recharge AC Machine - Touch Screen

AIRTEK New Fully Automatic 1234YF Plus Recovery & Recharge AC Machine - Touch Screen

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AC-1234yf plus-20

Besides all features AC-1234yf has, AC-1234 plus works with industrial pad platform powered by android system, which provides not only more vivid and friendly interfaces, but also more interesting interactions when you put your machine WIFI connected to internet. SRR(Supreme Recovery Rate, patent pending)By charging hot gas refrigerant from equipment into A/C system to heat the cold refrigerant trapped in oil to help it evaporate, the recovery of AC1234 plus is much faster and efficient. Over 99% recovery rate is assured. COR(Compressor Oil Recovery, patent pending): By charging liquid refrigerant into A/C loop to dissolve the compressor oil and recovering mixture of refrigerant and oil and separating oil from refrigerant, AC-1234 plus can recover up to 100% compressor oil from A/C loop. An oil accumulator is equipped in AC-1234 plus to contain oil during COR process, and tiny refrigerant trapped in the oil in the accumulator is periodically recovered, to minimize refrigerant loss. Less than 50g is lost in Airtek COR(function "flush")service.



  •  Recovery
  •  Vacuum
  • Oil injection
  • Charge
  • Tank fill
  • Vacuum leak test
  • Fully automatic
  • UV dye injection
  • Automatic air purge
  • Flush(Unidirectional & Bidirectional)
  • Flush function (COR), Please refer to the above FAQ regarding COR (Compressor Oil Recovery)
  • Individual load cell for each oil bottle, SRR
  • Visual flush window
  • 7-inch touch screen, Android system


One year warranty


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