ACDOC86+ Refrigerant Identifier & A/C Diagnostic Tool

ACDOC86+ Refrigerant Identifier & A/C Diagnostic Tool

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It integrates A/C diagnosis(based on data of pressure of both high and low sides, refrigerant identification, ambient temperature, ambient humidity, cabin air outlet temperature, human inspection and OBD diagnosis etc..) and NDIR leak detection.


ACDOC86+ offers professional solution for R-134a or HFO1234yf automotive A/C system, to help garage owners to establish modernized, process-oriented, digitalized and smart business.

Normal A/C diagnosis is made by technicians with individual tools, such as (not limited to) pressure gauges, temperature test probes, leak detectors, refrigerant identifiers, OBD scanners and most importantly, technicians' WISDOM. The innovative ACDOC86+ can handle all the above jobs (yes, includes human WISDOM) with more accurate and uniform results, and upload all the test data and diagnosis results in server, aiming at offering IT solution for automotive A/C business.




A/C diagnosis: Provides technicians with process-oriented, digitalized and standardized A/C diagnosis, and dynamically tests  temperature (both ambient and air-outlet in cabin), pressure (high side and low side), refrigerant concentration, and humidity, and instructs technicians to perform human tests on appearance, abnormal noise, odor, etc., to ensure a thorough A/C system inspection with no omissions, and intelligently analyzes the working conditions of the A/C parts (parts of A/C loop, electronic control, fluid media and air distribution) based on these dynamic data. In addition, by communicating with the automobile ECU , it recognizes VIN code and reads A/C fault codes (OBD generic and OE protocol), reads data stream, etc., to diagnose the electronic sensors and electronic control unit of the A/C. ACDOC86+ is the world's most comprehensive diagnostic and analysis instrument for automobile air conditioners. After all the tests are completed, a digital diagnosis form is presented to the car owner, to help garages make service proposals with transparency and data basis.

NDIR leak detection: Aiming at the most troublesome and frequent A/C problem__leak, ACDOC86+ carries out accurate leak detection, and can assure to detect the leak in 10 minutes for the 5g/year micro-leak point. Compared with the high-pressure soapy water leak detection method, UV dye leak detection method, and halogen  electronic leak detection method in the market, ACDOC86+ has obvious advantages in high efficiency, interference free, labor saving, and accuracy.



  • Input power:12VDC automotive battery,or 110V-250VAC
  • APP for android and apple system
  • Refrigerant identification precision: 0.1%
  • Air concentration precision: 0.1%
  • Refrigerant identification time: 120 seconds
  • Can identify automotive A/C refrigerant or refrigerant in storage tank
  • Ambient temperature range for A/C precise diagnosis: 20-50℃
  • Pressure transducer range: -1-30bar
  • Pressure transducer precision: 0.1bar
  • Air outlet temperature sensor range: 0-100℃
  • Air outlet temperature sensor precision: 0.1℃
  • Air outlet temperature sensor powered by: 2#7 batteries,3.2VDC, wireless
  • Time for refrigerant identification and A/C testing: 6 minutes
  • Leak detection range: 5gr./year
  • Leak detection refrigerant: R-134a or HFO-1234yf (free of interference of other gases)
  • Estimated leak detection time of each vehicle: 10-15 min.
  • Printer: Thermal, wireless, with 80mm wide printing paper