AIRTEK 2020 New Fully Automatic R-134A & 1234YF Recovery & Recharge DUAL AC machine

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       AC-Dual 20


Simple to operate Automotive AC Recovery and Recharge both R134 and HFO1234yf refrigerants, with no components changes to switch from one gas to the other one. Just choose the vehicle gas and the machine automatically will prepare itself to operate. Fully automatic Recovery, Vacuum, and Recharge with a build-in Database

  1. Recovery
  2. Vacuum
  3. Oil injection
  4. Charge
  5. Fully automatic
  6. Tank fil
  7. Vacuum leak test



  • Fully automatic
  • Refrigerant & Oil Database
  • Thermal printer
  • Dual tank equipped
  • Automatic service reminding
  • Loss of refrigerant during refrigerant change is minimized
  • Only 10 minutes switch between R134a and HFO1234yf systems
  • Recovery Rate 95%
  • Machine pipeline complete evacuation for refrigerant Change
  • Service all domestic and foreign vehicles including Electric and Hybrid vehicles
  • Oil injection on non EV and Hybrids. Software control to prevent the injection of wrong oil


  1. Input power: AC110V±10%60H
  2. Hand valves free
  3. Compressor power: 3/8HP
  4. Average gas state refrigerant recovery speed

(through charge/suction port): 0.25Kg/min

  1. Recovery rate: 95%
  2. Vacuum pump capacity: 4.0cfm, non-spark
  3. Accuracy of gas cylinder load cell: +10g
  4. A/C database included, update through USB port
  5. New oil bottle capacity: 250ml

     Used oil bottle capacity: 400ml

10.Max. Pressure: 20bar

  1. Charge speed: 2Kg/Min(max.)

12.LCD display: 4.3-inch, TFT full color

  1. High pressure gauge range: -1bar~30bar
  2. Low pressure gauge range:-1bar~16bar
  3. Dual condensers and cooling fans

(one for R-134a, one for HFO-1234yf)

  1. Capacity of dual gas cylinders: 10KG

(one for R-134a, one for HFO-1234yf)


Package:640*770*1175mm (27 in W x 30 in L x 46 in H);

Unpacked: 585*720*1055mm (24 in W x 28 in L x 42 in H)

18. Weight

Net Weight: 94kg (210 lb)

Gross Weight: 124kg (275 lb) 



       one year warranty


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