AIRTEK 2020 New Fully Automatic R-134A & 1234YF Recovery & Recharge DUAL AC machine with 1234yf Identifier - Touch Screen

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       AC-Dual 20-I


  1. Recovery
  2. Vacuum
  3. Oil injection
  4. Charge
  5. Fully automatic
  6. Tank fil
  7. Vacuum leak test
  8. Identifier for 1234YF



  • Fully automatic
  • 7" Touch Screen 
  • Refrigerant & Oil Database
  • Thermal printer
  • Dual tank equipped
  • Automatic service reminding
  • Loss of refrigerant during refrigerant change is minimized
  • Machine pipeline complete evacuation for refrigerant Change
  • Service all domestic and foreign vehicles including Electric and Hybrid vehicles
  • Oil injection on non EV and Hybrids. Software control to prevent the injection of wrong oil
  • Identifier for 1234yf freon
  • Individual load cell for each oil bottle, SRR


  1. Input power: AC220V+10%~50/60Hz,or AC110V±10%60H
  2. Hand valves free
  3. Compressor power: 3/8HP
  4. Average gas state refrigerant recovery speed

(through charge/suction port): 0.25Kg/min

  1. Recovery rate: 95%
  2. Vacuum pump capacity: 60L/min, non-sparkle
  3. Accuracy of gas cylinder load cell: +10g
  4. A/C database included, update through USB port
  5. New oil bottle capacity: 250ml

     Used oil bottle capacity: 400ml

10.Max. Pressure: 20bar

  1. Charge speed: 2Kg/Min(max.)

12.LCD display: 4.3-inch, TFT full color

  1. High pressure gauge range: -1bar~30bar
  2. Low pressure gauge range:-1bar~16bar
  3. Dual condensers and cooling fans

(one for R-134a, one for HFO-1234yf)

  1. Capacity of dual gas cylinders: 10KG

(one for R-134a, one for HFO-1234yf)



Unpacked: 585*720*1055mm



       one year warranty


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